Concert #4

Arooj Aftab

This concert is part of BARBÈS In The Woods and is co-presented by Laudable Productions.

About Arooj Aftab:

BARBÈS’ in the Woods couldn’t have said it better: 

“Pakistani-born, NYC-based singer/composer Arooj Aftab blends jazz, Hindustani classical, folk, electronica and other influences into cloudlike poem-songs, often inspired by the ghazals (Arabic poetic form) of her homeland but delivered on her own terms. The minimalist frame in her compositions discards anything that’s unessential and invites the listener into an intimate listening space filled with earnest prayers, laments, and queries. She is often compared with the transcendent Abida Parveen, the Pakistani “Queen of Sufi Music.”

The Vulture Prince Ensemble features Maeve Gilchrist (Silk Road Ensemble), Shahzad Ismaily (Lou Reed, John Zorn, Tom Waits), Gyan Riley (Zakir Hussain, Terry Riley) and Greg Fox. Co-presented with Antenna Cloud Farm”


Saturday, August 21, 2021

at the Bartlett Farm in Montague, MA

3:00 pm: Outdoor Concert (Set 1 at 3pm, Set 2 at 5:30pm)

Co-presented with Laudable Productions

Photo by Diana Markosian

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