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About Emma-Rose:

My love for music bloomed with my dad’s CD collection - he’d sing songs while cooking, and change up the lyrics to make me laugh. I gravitated towards music at a young age for the catharsis of it; for the anger that I couldn’t place, for the emotions I couldn’t explain. My heart is as raw now as it was then; I believe in music as a ritual of healing, for myself, my collaborators, and my audience.

Flute is the instrument I’ve studied and built my body around, although I also emote through my voice, my saxophone, my poetry and songwriting, my dancing, and my folk harp too. Improvisation is my favorite musical language and medium. I believe my happiness lies beyond the ego and with the subconscious uninhibited self - the self that creates for the joy of creation - and I view improv as the open door to her.

My solo project, fife, is where I use my flute and my audio equipment to make contrapuntal soundscapes of noise and washed vocals. My recent release “moments” (2021) embraces electronic production: it melts raw flute into a variety of textures, with ambient and harsh-noise elements alike. In 2020, my trio fife, flux, & matt released our debut album which fuses electronic and neo-jazz ideas to create colorful, dancey tracks. This summer, my little collective of friends is working together on a total of 4 different albums, with performances in Boston and New York. 

I graduated from Boston Conservatory in 2021, and this fall, I am beginning an MFA program at California Institute of the Arts.

I currently freelance as a flutist in the Boston area; I specialize in pit orchestra and recording work. I also help run a DIY performance space for my community, where we prioritize experimental and queer artists. In my spare time, I front a punk band and write fiction. I love dancing, poetry/lyric writing, fiction writing, knitting/crocheting, cooking, and napping in the sun on a nice day.


August 15-28


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