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Farm-to-Festival Special Dinner Event

September 29, 2019 at 5:30 pm (SOLD OUT)

This event is a collaboration between Antenna Cloud Farm and Honey 'N Schmaltz.

Join us for a spectacular autumnal feast (created from local sustainable foods), merry mingling, and live music! We will also serve apples and honey to help usher in the beginning of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah. Tickets are $65 and available through our ticketing page.

About Honey 'N Schmaltz

Honey ’N Schmaltz is a farmstead catering company that creates a marriage of old world and holistic food wisdom with contemporary American cooking. Using local, sustainable foods, and focused on beautiful and wholesome presentations, ingredients are hand-harvested on the day of events. Family-run by sisters, Rachelle and Roxanne Crocker, Honey 'N Schmaltz works in collaboration with EIEIO Farm, an active biodynamic farm and homestead that their mother, Leesa Crocker owns and operates. EIEIO supplies Honey 'N Schmaltz with produce, herbs, meat, eggs, flowers, and more, and what the farm does not produce we source from the many other farms in our immediate community.

Scroll down for the menu:

This dinner falls on the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, an evening where our family typically gathers for a meal to mark the beginning of the holiday. We extend the spirit of this to our community, and will be serving apples and honey at the dinner.

Dinner Menu:

Welcome Cocktail:

  • Hot Cider. Sherry. Reposado tequila. Apricot liqueur. Rosemary sprig. Lemon wheel. Apple skin.


  • Concord grape preserve. Chevre. Raw honey. Shiso salt. Black sesame. Sprouted pumpernickel buckwheat toast.


  • Spicy greens. Chopped herbs. Scallions. Candied walnuts. Poached beets. Honeycrisp apples. Cider reduction. Lemon and unfiltered olive oil.

  • Grilled kabocha squash. Sumac. Cider glaze. Labneh. Green herb oil. Toasted pumpkin seeds.

  • Grilled King oyster mushrooms.

Main Course:

  • Grilled whole snapper (potentially another catch of the day) grilled scallions and lemons. Muhammara.

  • Grilled eggplant brushed with garlic and sage. Feta crema. Tulsi oil. Heirloom tomatoes. Pinenuts. Mint

  • Lamb chops. Cocoa bean. Mustard seed rub. Mint and olive salsa verde.


  • “Smores.” Maple syrup marshmallows. Dark dark chocolate. Almond graham cracker.

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