"Their excellent debut album, You & Who, is unlike anything else out there right now."

- New York Music Daily

About Founders:

Founders is a songwriting collective comprised of five members, Ben Russell (violin, vocals), Brandon Ridenour (trumpet, keys), Hamilton Berry (cello, vocals), Yoonah Kim (clarinet), and Sam Suggs (bass), that flourishes in combining classical and folk music with original compositions and pop arrangements. With songs ranging from Appalachian themed originals to Radiohead covers to art songs using famous poetry, Founders is reimagining the boundaries of musical styles. Merging the talents of five conservatory trained musicians from New York City, Founders brings a fresh perspective on songwriting. Each musician has worked with acclaimed songwriters such as James Taylor, Sufjan Stevens, Sting, and Björk, as well as with elite classical ensembles such as Canadian Brass, A Far Cry, and Mahler Chamber Orchestra. They have been featured on the stages of Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Walt Disney Hall, and Lincoln Center as well as on television broadcasts such as The Late Show, and SNL. With acoustic instruments and their unique musical vision, Founders is forging a new path for audiences around the world. To learn more, visit: www.foundersmusic.org

Founders will be in residence at Antenna Cloud Farm from 7/30-8/5.

Concert #5: Saturday, August 4, 2018

6:00 pm: Grounds open to public

6:30 pm: Doors open

7:00 pm: Concert (+ reception)

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