"What is the best thing that I love about my work?

I’m not afraid to be honest and vulnerable in my music. I sing about very real emotions and experiences, and I don’t shy away from creating work inspired by my own struggles."

About Kamerin:

Kamerin will be in residence at Antenna Cloud Farm in mid-September, and performing at ACF's Season Finale Concert on September 10. 

Kamerin is a nonbinary, trans singer, songwriter and teacher living on occupied Nipmuc/Pocumtuc land (now known as Western Mass). Primarily a solo performer these days, Kamerin isn’t afraid to show their vulnerability on stage as they explore places of loneliness, nostalgia and heartbreak. Their dreamy, introspective, stylings combine a hauntingly pure, virtuosic vocal sound with electronics-based loops and tasteful beats to send you melting backward into some childhood nostalgia you didn’t know you had.

Kamerin holds a Bachelor’s degree in music from Wesleyan University (2011) and is a graduate of the Mills Masters Composition program ('14), where they received the Paul Merritt Henry prize for excellence in string composition. After graduating from Mills, they collaborated regularly with inkBoat Physical Theater and Dance, writing and performing live musical accompaniment for a number of performances including Line Between (Seoul International Dance Festival), 99 Rituals, and the Storm in My House. Kamerin’s also had the honor of performing with Kronos Quartet, Seattle-based Degenerate Ensemble, William Winant Percussion Ensemble, Wax Poets Collective, and others. 

In 2019, Kamerin co-founded the East Bay based Queer Choir with Kinsey Bell. They arranged the majority of the choir’s music, and directed the choir on a biweekly basis for the year before moving to Mass. They also held free, monthly open-sings for folks in the community.  Kamerin’s hoping to found something similar in MA when it is safe to gather in groups and sing again!

Learn more about Kamerin at: http://kamerinmcdonald.com/

Saturday, September 10 

Hilltop opens: 3 pm, Concert 5 pm

Antenna Cloud Farm in Gill, MA

General Admission: $20 / Youth (18 & under): FREE / Reduced Rate: $10

(raindate Sep.11) 


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